Best Indian Wedding Photography Poses to Try for Your Wedding

As we all know, Indian weddings are magnificent in their splendour and glamour. From the pre-wedding rituals to long after the actual ceremony is over, the whole affair is a riot of colours, laughter, and joy. A wedding is a happy moment in everyone’s lives, and the ones created in Indian weddings are worth capturing forever.

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Poses for Indian Wedding Photo Gallery

If you are looking for photography poses to try for your wedding, here is a list of all the ways you could amp up your Indian wedding photo gallery in.

Before we get into the details about the poses, let us look into the ways that you can differentiate the event in. The photographs can be with the family or they can be exclusively Indian wedding couple photography.

When it comes to family photographs, you can section the under the following headers:

1. The Traditional Pose

In traditional wedding photo poses, the newlyweds are photographed with their relatives and close friends. The setting is a bit more formal than the other styles, and the angles, background, etc are pretty much fixed from before to give it the classic look.

Many people may think traditional is boring, but in reality, it is the opposite. A wedding photograph with all your loved ones will make it all the more memorable. Aside from the quintessential pictures with your family, you can also opt to click moments like the exchange of rings, the garland ceremony, etc.

2. Shine in Honest Candids

Candids are unbeatable when it comes to capturing emotions in their most honest form. When incorporated as an Indian wedding photography style, they are the best choice to capture the soulful expressions of the bride and the groom.

Since catching people unawares is the basis on which candid photography operates, it is a great medium to bring out the emotions on the newlyweds’ faces, be it joy, sorrow, or love. A candid picture speaks volumes about things that a hundred other staged ones cannot even cover.

3. The Artsy Look in Photos

The trend of artistic photos for weddings is fairly new in Indian wedding photography. For this reason, it is a novel idea if you want to incorporate something fresh and unique in your wedding photographs.

Artsy photographs may use the ambience, décor, ornaments, lighting, and even the emotions on your face to weave a story around the picture. Light and shadows often play an important role in artistic photographs to bring out the dramatic element in them.

4. Bright and Sensual Photography Poses

This style of Indian wedding photography aims to capture the sensuality in the setting. Emotions are a focal point of this style of photography. The choice of background includes lush, dark colours. To make your photograph look more cinematic, you may choose a room furnished in a regal way.

Flower petals and filigreed furnishings against the backdrop of a rich red help to bring out your best in the photographs. To create a more dramatic touch, you may even use drone cameras to click your picture in an aerial view.

5. Movie-style wedding videos

This style of wedding photography is emerging as a popular one these days. This style of photography focuses more on presenting your wedding as a story, or a movie. Along with capturing the whole wedding, it also pans on the classic moments to give you larger-than-life viewing experience.

Documentary style photography is the best choice for you if you want to replay your beautiful moments exactly as they were, in addition to photographs.

Documenting your wedding also makes sure that every ritual and your close ones present have a fair share in the photographs.

Aside from the main event, some other interesting marriage rituals you can cover are the mehndi and sangeet ceremony, Haldi, Vidaai, etc.

Indian Wedding – Couple Poses

Now that we have seen all about the family photography styles that you can incorporate in your wedding, let us focus on the couples for this section of the blog. In this, you will know which poses are the best to bring the lovebirds in focus, both before, and during the wedding.

Indian wedding couple photography is emerging as a popular field in wedding photography. The sole focus is on the bride and groom as they create a variety of poses in romantic, emotional, and even funny poses.

1. The Romantic Hug

In any Couples Photography, this is a classic pose that you cannot do without. The central idea is to convey the emotion of love between the bride and the groom. You can bring many variations in the romantic hug pose by standing face to face or having the groom hug you from behind, etc.

When you are trying to portray romance in your wedding photographs, this style remains as the to-go pose for it at all times. In any case, this romantic photography style sure is something that will complete your wedding photography gallery.

2. The Dancing Bride


This is one of the most iconic Indian bride picture poses. Nothing expresses happiness more than dancing, and a twirling Indian bride looks regal as the wedding dress. the costume should let her dance her heart out while adding to the beauty.

Although this pose is one of the Indian Wedding Poses for Brides, you can also include the groom in a creative way in the picture. Some classic examples would be the couples holding hands while he stares at her lovingly, the bride and the groom both engaged in a dance, etc.

8. Picked Up Bridal-Style

This style of Indian wedding photography couples is popular among the new generation brides and grooms. The bride is picked up by the groom and can look at the camera or gaze at each other with love for a perfect shot in this pose.

Be it your love for each other or the trust that you have on your partner, this pose is the best at capturing all the emotions you feel as a newly-wed!

9. The Sitting Together Pose

This is one of the classic Indian wedding photography poses for couples that you cannot go wrong with. The couples relax in this pose and thus, it can create some interesting moments between the two as the tension subsides.

The sitting pose is easier to hold compared to some other poses. You can try many variations in this photography style- like sitting back to back, sitting facing each other, draped over a chair, or sitting on a carpet, etc to bring forth a fascinating display of emotions between the bride and the groom.

10. The Forehead Kiss

The forehead to forehead pose and the forehead kiss pose are the most popular Indian wedding photography poses for couples when it comes to expressing love, care, and gentleness for the spouse.

It is a classic pose for all Indian couples when they are getting married Any wedding album is incomplete without a picture of the bride and groom in this pose. If you are looking to add a dash of sweet romance to your collection of wedding photographs, this is one must-click pose that you should not miss out on!

11. The Royal Look Pose

This simple, yet powerful pose for photography is a must-try for all Indian couples. In this pose, the groom simply stands beside the bride or creates interesting poses by standing behind the bride and putting his hands on her shoulder and waist. This pose exudes the aura of strength and promises all viewers an eternity of standing together with the same commitment.

The pose is pleasing to the eyes as well. The bride and groom’s gorgeous wedding dresses serve to make the picture look even more royal. Stand at a picturesque background and you are good to go! This gorgeous look requires minimum efforts and gives outstanding results, so this is a pose that you can consider adding to your wedding album.

12. The Walking Together Pose

While stationary poses have their own charm, catching a couple when they are walking together adds a great dynamic to the picture and makes it look all the more natural. For this reason, the bride and the groom walking together makes for a great wedding photography pose for Indian couples.

To create variation and make the photos more interesting, you can try several poses to click the pictures in. some classic examples are the couples walking hand in hand, capturing the walk from behind as they are laughing, holding hands, looking at each other, or staring into the sunset, etc.

13. The Veiled Beauty Pose

The pallu, also known as the veil of the bride is a beautiful part of the wedding attire. It is often a rich red in colour and boasts of golden threads and jewels to add to its magnificence. A wedding photograph featuring the veil turns out to be beautiful. It also creates opportunities for many creative shots as well.




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