Wedding Gowns – Things You Should Not Miss

Weddings are special, and so are the couture meant for them. Elegance for a wedding gown may have different perspectives for the brides-to-be. Some may love it simple and plain, whereas others may love it with heavy embroidery. I would prefer attention to details and clean lines. Whatever be the choice, the gown has to be one of a kind and should have a timeless appeal.

Weddings are the day of the brides. They want their wedding gowns to be unique so that it marks the beginning of a beautiful journey with the life partner. Bridal dresses do have various options, but wedding gowns of different varieties, are always in fashion. In this article, I will try to curate everything you need to know about that special dress you are going to adorn on your wedding day. If you are clueless about what is it that you want, let us begin.

The Evolution

As my idea is to provide you, a wholesome palette of information about the wedding gown for bride, let us try to understand the fascinating evolution it went through, in the last five decades.

  • 1950-Now this decade saw something new. The world saw the brides experimenting with ball gowns. A ball gown with a huge skirt was the highlight of the bridal fashion. The bolder brides started looking beautiful in strapless gowns.
  • 1960-Now was the time for the column dresses. The market also saw designers making dresses, which were a combination of the column dress and the ball gown dress. Mutton sleeves became quite popular, and as miniskirts had started entering the fashion world, the wedding dresses saw rising hems.
  • 1970-Not much change was seen here, with the sleeves getting more significant only.
  • 1980-The dresses became tighter and without straps.
  • 1990-Sleeves came back with a more modern and flirtier silhouette.
  • 2000-A-line wedding gowns, most of the times with embroidery, dominated the world of bridal fashion.
  • 2010-Kate Middleton brought back long sleeves with the grand and royal wedding. By this decade, people started dabbling in a great variety of sleeves, be it long, short or blouson.

Some more styles to experiment with

If you are looking for something retro or want to re-don your grandmother’s marriage gown, there are plenty of options, as already mentioned. But let me now help you with the latest favourites.

The Metallic Wedding Gown

Remember watching them in the films from the ’90s? The metallic gowns are soaring to popularity with the passing days since Manish Malhotra made his heroines wear them.


The Cannes inspired wedding gown 

Who can forget our very own Aishwarya Rai’s look for Cannes 2017? This gown, styled for the ballroom, is perfect for adorning on the day you have your reception. This gown is known for its cold shoulder detailing. A ball gown had always been a popular choice for wedding events. When it comes to ball own wedding dress, you have to look out for something drool-worthy.

A detailed wedding gown

Indian wedding dresses are never complete without a lot of grandiose and rich work. So, why not opt for a heavily embellished wedding gown? An embroidered gown with lots of zardozi or a tailor-made golden and maroon zari work is a dream come true for many brides.

White gown

Snow-white gown, especially the one with the bottom having ruffles, is a splendid dress to wear on the reception or cocktail party. The gown is characterised by the bodycon shape and mesh at the back., making it all the more appealing.

Trending gowns

  • Do you want to experiment with some unique combination of colours? A muddy and brown silver gown with a mesmerising design is something you can try your hands at. If you want to add that coy Indian bride look, you can team it up with a dupatta.
  • Asian bridal gowns are known for their exuberant appealing nature. The outfit is mainly known for the charm it exudes. The neckline and the sleeves have small hints of embroidery which are good alternatives to pieces of jewellery. The hem has an embroidery which renders the dress a flowy look.
  • Well, brides are always allowed to experiment with their wedding looks, as very few other days can be as memorable as this. If you are someone who can don any kind of attire with elan, I would recommend printed gowns for you. Sounds interesting? Gowns are already glamorous in their appeal and are the perfect for pompous, as well as simple ceremonies. Traditional outfits are sometimes not able to accentuate the curves you have crafted your body into. Gowns can do that very well. One of the latest trends to flood the market, are the printed gowns. The next paragraph will help you decide on what kind of print will define you the best.
  • When we simultaneously talk of trend and gowns, a Sabyasachi gown is a must in the list. Every woman in love with fashion wants to dress up in a Sabyasachi Mukherjee outfit, as once in their lifetime. Gowns designed by him, connote grace and elegance, for all Indian brides. His extensive collection of design, silhouettes and fabric, add to the beauty of the brides to the zenith. His bejewelled gowns, black ball gown, white gown, gowns with floral pastels, all are special in their way.

A variety in the printed gowns

Plum and Sheen gown

A blend of sequins and sheen prints, the outcome is a mark of both glamour and sophistication. The gown is available in a single colour. The outfit boasts of a variety of patterns, prints, embellishments and embroidery options.



The Floral Print

These gowns exude royal demeanour from every single thread used to sew the piece. Florals are always popular, be it gowns or skirts. Also, a floral gown in a purple or a pink, combined with the plunging deadline, does all wonders. The guests will remain enthralled with flying and spreading gown, especially with frills on the shoulder.


Midnight blue and starry printed gown

Off-shoulder dresses are always a rage. If you combine this with a printed gown, God save your groom from getting awestruck! If you choose this kind of a gown for your sangeet, you will remain the talk of the town for the next few days.


Glitter Gowns

Printed gowns of this kind, have quite a deceiving appearance. At first, it seems like an embroidered gown. Though it is indeed heavy in embroidery, the exciting thing about it is, that the patterns were in print first. It has such a delicate and intricate look that only experts can understand the design, at first glance. The wedding gown looks more beautiful if the pink colour is the base.


Tropical Gown

Brides in love with loud motifs and designs, love these gowns. The big and printed flowers in orange and pink, with green stalks of leaves, create the aura, it is meant to define.


How to choose a gown based on the body type?

Choosing the right fit of the body gown is very much important. In theory, it seems an easy task. People just get into a store, select a wedding gownand come out. Practicality is a little different. You have to find a gown which is the exact fit for your body. The gown should take into consideration the exact body type and accentuate it further. The gown should celebrate and highlight your features and body curves. Let me try and help:

  • Pear-shaped women having fuller thighs and hips should buy gowns that are not shorter than an inch or two, right above the knee.
  • If you have a thick middle portion, i.e. if you are apple-shaped, you should concentrate on your torso and drive people’s attention away from the waist. Try to re-define your waistline.
  • If you have a busty body, highlight the top portion of your body.
  • For lean body type, a flared or a sheath dress would be perfect.

A special mention of the white gowns

Any article on wedding gowns remains incomplete, without a special note on the ever beautiful and ever-alluring white gowns. A white gown is always special, and it allows for endless experiments. The white ensemble allows the brides to be the pivotal attraction on the wedding day. They are also great symbolic of the marital bliss the bride is about to enter.

The wedding jewellery

Indian bridal dresses have plenty of options to choose from. Each of them has separate kinds of jewellery complementing the final look. The jewellery you select should go hand in hand in creating the diva-ish look you should have on your wedding day. Whether the dress is a simple gowna traditional or a modern one, will help in deciding the jewellery. You should never overdo your bridal jewellery. If the dress is an elaborate one, the jewellery should be simple. Many brides often do not wear a neckpiece to highlight the neckline.

The neckline of the dress is a significant thing to consider. As many brides opt for strapless gowns, special and gaudy chokers are there to suit the look. The shape of the neckline is also a thing to consider when choosing the form of the accessory. Tiaras or other head-pieces often go very well with gowns with higher necklines.

Wedding hairstyle

A wonderfully done hairdo is always great at adding a heavenly look to the brides. The hairstylists can very well decide the style which will go well with the gown or the accessories.

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