Well Designed Christian Wedding Cards You Will Love

When planning for your wedding, you should put in a lot of effort while choosing the Wedding Card. After all, this is not just a card, its  the first official announcement about your marriage. And that is exactly why the wedding invite is something that should have top-notch aesthetics and unique design, reflecting the theme of your wedding.

So, if you have your big day coming up around the corner, think of some fresh ideas about the design of the wedding invitation. This article brings you a bunch of unique ideas for your wedding card that will add a further zing to your special day.

A good wedding invite pleases the senses with the correct blend of colors, graphics, and of course, content.    

The special feature of all Christian marriage invitation cards is their subtle beauty. Be it the eye-catching geometric shapes or soft, feminine floral patterns, the designs are always soothing and attractive to the viewer. Even though these were famously called Christian Wedding Card design, these are more of western wedding card designs.

Let us quickly go through some unique Christian wedding card ideas.

A Fairy Tale Affair

A Fairy Tale Affair Christian Wedding Card Design

Sprinkle a dash of magic to your Christian wedding card by introducing a cute doodle of a prince and princess right on the front page! The wedding invitation wording should be in a simple font so that the doodle remains the focus. You can place the basic information either on top of the image or below it. The bulk part may go to the central area of the card where it will be easier to read from. This soft themed invitation portrays innocence and attracts people who fall for this virtue.

Transparent in Heart and Soul

Transparent Christian Wedding Card Design

This transparent card provides for one of the most unique ideas that you can have for your Christian wedding invitation card. You can use a clear, plastic sheet as the base material for such a card. Print the information in white paint with long flourishes and loops for a regal and classy look. For borders, you can go for elegant lines along the edges. Add a swirling floral print in a corner to complete the look. The invitation wording in English will add more versatility to the fonts. A marriage card in Hindi can also add to the uniqueness quotient if you are an Indian and live in a place that has a majority of Hindi speakers. For other regions, you can go for any suitable language.

Immortalized Initials

Initial Sealed Christian Wedding Card Design

For a royal, classy look, you can opt for an engraved wedding card with a resin seal and embossed initials.You can even make your own DIY resin seal by melting the resin and mixing it with colors or glitters of your choice. With your initials crafted on the seal, you give your invitation card a personalized feel while making it look awesome and unique at the same time. The combination works the best with light, solid colors. Use gold and white all over at your free will, to bring out the rich look. Couple it with the basic information (name, date, etc) on the front page in bold, calligraphic letters. To make your card stand out, even more, you may introduce a calendar with the date of your marriage marked on it. Finish the look with an elegant bow tie and your unique Christian wedding card is good to go.

Save Your Wedding Card in a Frame

Framed Christian Wedding Card Design

Framing your invitation is another unique idea for a fun Christian wedding card use. You can gift your friends and family with a framed card. This way, they can remember your big day with ease and you also get to preserve your unique card design and associated memories forever without it getting destroyed over time. A framed wedding invitation card will serve as a reminder for you and your loved ones about this special day, forever.

Go Many in One

Multi Layered Christian Wedding Card Design

This is another fun idea for a Christian Wedding Card that is both unique and quirky at the same time. Make your wedding invitation card an unforgettable one for all those who receive it by making it a multilayered affair. The main idea is to put more than one card in an arranged ensemble that can be put inside one envelope or a holder. If your wedding consists of many events, this multiple card system will be useful in conveying all the related information with ease. You could also utilize the extra space to try out some fun ideas like putting in a map of the venue, printing the itinerary of the marriage events, or even dedicating a whole page to a story about the bride and the groom. The additional space that you get with these types of cards is all yours to play with, so put in anything you think is important or interesting to you!

The arrangement looks great when presented in the form of a booklet. You may use contrasting or solid colors for a smoother effect with pretty floral patterns on the leaflets to complement the look.

Be Royal in Gold

Royal Christian Wedding Card Design

Gold has always been the color of regality and boldness. As you might have already noticed, it is gaining more popularity as the color of choice when it comes to fonts for wedding invitations. To make your wedding invitation card look classy and elegant, choose gold lettering on any dark background color like black, white, blue, etc. The style will make your writings pop out. You can put all the important information like the bride and groom’s names, the venue, and timing in this color so that they stand out to the recipients yet having an aesthetic appeal.

Cute and Quirky Doodles

Doodle Christian Wedding Card Design

Introducing your story or the wedding events in the form of doodles is a novel idea that can be used as a fun Christian wedding card design. Doodle strips are always quirky and eye-catching, so incorporating one in your wedding invite is a surefire way to catch the attention of all those who are reading it. You can choose the mood of your doodle to be funny, romantic, or super emotional depending on the story that you want to convey. Use a lot of colors to make your doodle come alive with your story and make your card look different.. This makes it a special entry in the crowd. After all, your card should be as unique as you are, and with a story that is swoon-worthy, to say the least, it does deserve to be told in a special way, right?!

Make a Fun List

Fun List Christian Wedding Card Design

A fun way of making your Christian wedding invitation cards more attractive to your loved ones is to engage them in it. What if you included the activities reserved for your guests right on the wedding card itself? Make a fun list of the entire wedding itinerary and the wedding festivities like dances, cocktails, and party games in a colorful, step-by-step presentation. This is bound to catch the eyes of your guests, making your card a lively, interactive one that is both different and refreshing to look at. Although, with these cards, you have to choose your color schemes carefully, to avoid going overboard.

Simple and Elegant

Simple and Elegant Christian Wedding Card Design

If you want to focus on the season of your wedding, a simple card with the theme reflected on it looks beautiful and elegant despite the simplicity. For example, a spring or fall wedding can have a floral themed card or the warm hues of fall on it to convey your love for the time that the wedding is taking place in. Getting a season-themed card is a great way to convey your love for your favorite season. It will also help you to remember the time when this special occasion took place in your life as well.

Bringing Back The Rustic

Rustic Christian Wedding Card Design

Nothing exudes warmth like a rustic themed marriage invitation card. Bring back the old country style with woodwork-themed wedding cards and make it even prettier by adding the ever-charming rice lights on it. The aura is that of a cosy get-together that asks people to gather around and make merry. You can make variations on the same theme to go from a true rustic vibe to chic to mixed, all according to the theme of your wedding celebration.

This simple, yet powerful style gives off the aura of familiarity and a heartfelt celebration of love without the glam quotient. If you are inviting the closest of your friend and family to witness your happy moment, this theme is the to-go choice for all wedding invitations.

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