Awesome Examples of Wedding Invitation Wording


Congratulations on getting engaged! You have finalized the date, as well, for getting hitched. It is indeed a blissful feeling and you want your loved ones to be a part of this beautiful celebration. How do you let them know? Of course, it is through the wedding invitation. The wedding invitation will carry the loud and clear announcement that you are ready for family life. But, do you know that the search for the perfect announcement is still not over? The most important thing will be the decision of what to convey and how to pen it down. All of us are in love with something special and carrying forward that desire, you would want your wedding invitation to be special too. Here comes the importance of unique wedding invitation wording.

Let us quickly round up some tips to help you carve out a dream invitation card for your near and dear ones. There are some rules of thumb, as well as, wording templates which will aid you to inform about your special day, in some of the most beautiful ways. Be it a casual wedding invitation wording or unique wedding invitation wording, words are always the greatest tools to impress. Following are the essentials you should always include in a wedding card writeup:

Who is the host?

The name of the hosts carries a deep significance. Often these are the names that help the invitees understand the importance of their attendance. You can host your wedding, your parents might do the honours or you can also decide to include the names of your grandparents. To keep the trend alive, both the families can host a party together. There are numerous ways for you to explore this part of the invitation card. 

Who is getting married?

Once, the names of the hosts are decided, don’t you think, people should know the name of the would-be couple? People, really close to your heart are already aware of the good news. So, what? There are others who are still oblivious of the fact. And, what is a wedding card, without the name of the bride and groom. The names of the couples are an obvious inclusion to the wedding invitation.

The date, time and location of the wedding

Keeping in mind every other prerequisite, you must have decided a D-day. You have also chosen a location for exchanging the nuptial vows. To make it easier for your relatives and friends to witness your entry to the marital world, why not mention the date, time and location of the event? You can be very much creative in this regard.

The humble request to attend the wedding

According to wedding invitation wording etiquette, the request made to the guests is of utmost importance. You, as a couple, are seeking the blessings and well wishes of your known ones. The wedding invitation should carry this message with proper emphasis on your guests’ attendance.

The dress code and the RSVP part

Now, these are things, which do not form a compulsory part of every invitation card. If you have decided to have a theme for your party, you should mention the dress code. The RSVP is quite an important thing though, but still, some hosts prefer to give it a miss.

There is some good news, waiting for you if you are already having jitters. Deciding to plunge into married life is already nerve-wracking. And, here you are already bogged down by so many things to keep in mind. Please do not worry. There is nothing called wedding invitation etiquette. Even if there is, it is not hard to remember. The rules are there to just help you. The most important rule is that you create a beautiful and unique wedding card. The invitation should be adequately representing you, your partner and your thoughts. So, rip off the rules and create your own. You can also opt for creative wedding invitation wording for your friends.  

Let us quickly glance through some of the styles you can follow while framing your invitation wording.

The conventional style: The conventional style of wedding invitation wording is always a good thing to play it safe. It contains the host line, the invitation part, the names, the information about the party and then any other special message if any.

The sweet and simple style: This can be quite an elegant way of inviting. Keep it short and sweet and do not beat around the bush. People will always love it.

The funny way: You have a witty person inside you? Your father-in-law is in love with humour? Well, this is the style you should choose then.

Non-traditional styles: Now, here you can experiment as much as you want. There are special cases of divorced or remarried parents hosting the events and a lot more. In a sweet gesture, even children can have their names as hosts.

Special mention for gifts style: Now, this is something very unique, which is catching up fast. Couples nowadays are often choosing not to accept any gifts. They can mention that in their invites, as a part of the unique wedding invitation wording. The card is also a very good way to inform the invitees if you are willing to accept any monetary donations for charities supporting a cause close to your heart.

An exemplary wedding initiation: You want your invitation card to be the talk of the town, right? You are willing to splurge in a literary extravaganza for that. Also, do you want to let people know of the fortune you have spent for your wedding? You can include all this information in your invitation card. If you have opted for a destination wedding, you can include the wedding website URL on the card. You can also ask the printer to include any special dietary preferences you have for your guests. Any social media preferences? you can include this piece of information too.

Words to be included in an Indian wedding invitation

Indian weddings are always big and fat. Often, the ceremony lasts for an entire week. The invitations are sent almost a year in advance so that there is no chance to give an excuse. The information in the card not only revolve around the essentials but something more. There is a sangeet, there is a mehndi, there is a haldi, a cocktail party, a reception and what not. Information about the time, date and location of all these events are a must to include. Indian wedding invitation wording often starts with the name of God. A pre-discussed and thoughtful Indian wedding invitation wording will work wonders in invitees remembering your marriage. You can save a lot of money and time, as well, by avoiding spelling mistakes and misprints.

As a general practice, Indian weddings have two different invitation cards from the groom and the bride’s families. The families can sit together and decide the format, to make it look even better. There are a plethora of Indian salutations. The Indian wedding cards give a room to all these and more. The families can also choose to include a quote by a poet, an author or a philosopher.

A catholic wedding

A catholic wedding invitation wording is of utmost importance. Catholic weddings usually take place in the churches, amidst a serene ambience. There is a common reception after that. The wedding invites typically mention the name of the church, the location and the time. If you want to include a separate reception card, it is fair enough, otherwise, mention the details in the wedding card itself. The name of the host, the bride and groom’s names and the wedding details are a must. Often catholic weddings, have a dress code. It is always a good idea to help the guests with that.

A casual approach

Are you quite casual and fun-loving as a couple? If you do not want to put in much effort in your wedding invitation, you should opt for a laid-back wedding invitation wording. Weddings can be of any type, size and colour. The would-be couple might have different preferences. If you are one of them and are planning to have a casual wedding, be ready for everything informal. Right from the dress code to the decorations, nothing is conventional per se. This will also reflect in the wording and style of the invitations. Often the laid-back invitations are not verbose at all and are straight to the face.

Yes, I agree, the wedding invitation wording from bride and groom plays an important role. But, please do not go nuts over it. Just delve deep and find out the style that suits you best. Decide your guest list, convey the important information and start sending the cards. Remember not to go overboard with anything till it reflects your personality. Avoid glaring mistakes in the print and start getting ready for the day. Also, do not forget to keep a copy for reminiscing your marriage day, sometime later.

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