Types of bridal makeup for the queen in you

Once you have got your wedding day outfit sorted, it’s time to think about wedding beauty with stunning bridal makeup. Do your thorough research to find a makeup artist who will make you look like a million bucks on your big day. Before you zero down on the artist, you have to choose a look that will suit you the best. Different factors may affect your choices, your skin type, outfit, and the event venue. All the looks you come across might seem alluring and confusing at the same time, so here we have compiled different types of Bridal makeup looks and guidelines to take the pressure off of you on your big day.

 A High Definition picture-perfect look:

A pigment-free enhanced skin on-screen is what every bride dreams about, and this particular makeup will help you achieve that look. The major difference between HD makeup and conventional makeup is the final look as the former eliminates all the imperfections and gives a perfect picture-ready finish more than the latter one. HD makeup suits all types of skin, blending perfectly with a perfect finish. This technique leaves minimal residues covering the most stubborn blemishes and marks on your face.

When in doubt, go traditional:

 Traditional bridal makeup is not about one look that fits all; there different cultures that call for different looks depending upon the type of wedding. Every culture in India has its uniqueness when it comes to the bride, and the sole idea of a traditional bridal makeup look is to make you look authentic and stand out as a bride. With the proper usage of products and equipment, the bride will look stunning enough to be a princess. Here are a few of the different types of traditional bridal makeup looks that you could try according to your culture:

  • A beautiful Tamil Bride at her Thirumanam
  • A ravishing Kashmiri bride at her Koshur Khandar
  • A charming Bengali bride at her Bibaho
  • An elegant Telugu bride at her Pelli Kuthuru
  • A heavenly Kerala bride at her Kalyanam
  • A delightful Punjabi bride at her Viaha
  • A winsome Maharashtrian bride at her Lagna
  • A stunning Muslim bride at her Nikah
  • An angelic Christian bride at her holy nuptial

Airbrush your sensitive skin:

The Airbrush makeup technique is the latest trend in the industry. In this technique, the makeup is sprayed on to the bride’s face in thousands of fine mist-like particles through a nozzle. With this enduring technique, the makeup doesn’t dwindle from your skin even after you rub your face accidentally. This technique is preferred mostly by brides with textured skin to hide all the textures as this technique is like adding a layer of makeup on top of an already existing layer. It mixes well with your skin and renders that flawless skin tone giving you an even coverage and a lighter look

Nothing says grace like a subtle natural makeup:

Creating the illusion of having perfect skin is the best way to get the picture-perfect look. Minimalism is the key when it comes to the natural makeup look as it enhances the bride’s facial features without being too loud. This look takes the minimum products to achieve stunning results. This look works the best by enhancing your best facial features while keeping it minimal and effortless.

 What’s a wedding without a little shimmer?

Tons of highlighter, high shine with some gloss calls for a glamorous affair. With the sudden resurgence of the 90s style, lip-gloss has made a banging comeback, but except this time it’s going all over your face. This glam makeup look is achieved with the help of illuminator, bronzer, highlighter, and essential oils. For a flawless finish, artists use silver or champagne colours for comparatively fairer skin and golden or copper tones for medium to dark complexions.

 A flawless matte finish makes everything pretty:

If you have naturally oily skin, then this look will do wonders for you as it is void of any excess oil or radiance. It gives you a velvety look while hiding the skin imperfections and giving an effectively smooth and comfortable finish. Going for a matte look can help you to ensure that your makeup stays for a long time, without repeated touch-ups. Saying that this look will make your skin look perfect and flawless throughout the day would be an understatement.

 Go bold or go home:

If you are someone who doesn’t like the quintessential traditional bridal makeup look, then for something bold for your big day. Either go with dark eye makeup or dark lips with a clean hairdo. For eyes, try shadows in the dark brown or soft brown families, the smudgier it is, the better. Your wedding makeup should reflect who you are as it should only enhance your natural beauty, so remember not to go overboard with your look.

 Who doesn’t like something natural?

Indian weddings are all about shimmers and vibrancy, so your makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be. The nude makeup look is not only subtle but also intriguing. This look gives an illusion of having no makeup on as you are only accentuating your natural skin tone with very light contouring. The shade spectrum of nude colours is limited, varying mostly between beiges and browns as you cover every aspect of your face with nudes without over or under-doing it.

 Add some metallic to rock the day:

It’s about time that you stop assuming that metallic makeup and weddings can’t coexist. It’s 2020, and metallic shades are no longer alloys of old – they’ve been replaced by much softer shades with an eye-catching sheen and a radiant effect. Metallic makeup is now effortless and unfading with uncomplicated cream formulas that refuse to crease or fade. Offset by eyes, metallic lips add the depth to your final look. To finish the look, choose a saturated lip colour that adds dimension to your neutral look.

Busting bridal makeup myths

 We panic the most when it comes to makeup, don’t we? With bridal makeup, the pressure is even more to look your best. Since there are a wide range of articles about the dos and don’ts of the bridal makeup, we are compiling some of the most common myths that need to be dumped right away.

Cosmetics do not expire:

Cosmetic products do expire. Some people say that the big brands falsely put an expiry date on cosmetics to sell their products, but it’s not true. Be careful, the next time someone tells you that, you tell them that using an expired product, again and again, can cause inflammation which can lead to permanent skin damage.

Photos come out better with heavy makeup:

If you don’t want a cakey face in your wedding album, then consciously stay away from too many layers of makeup as it will make your face look like it’s going to melt in all your pictures.

Shimmers are your enemy:

If anything, shimmers are your best friend on your wedding day. Pick the right shade and consistency that will make your skin look glowy all the way. You might think that shimmer is passé, but give it a shot for that quintessential bridal look of the year!

Airbrushing can make your face look cakey:

You have to cut ties with people who tell you that. If applied correctly, airbrush makeup gives you a light and natural coverage that will in fact feel lighter on your face. With airbrush makeup, a little product goes a long way.

Lighter the foundation shade, the better it looks:

Since we have been fed wrongly for too long, we think that a lighter foundation shade is the solution to all our makeup related problems. Try and go for the right shade of foundation, if not apply the closest shade to your skin tone. Always remember, the right way to pick your shade is by trying it on your hands, forehead, or neck.

Extremely bold colours are not suitable for weddings:

A “no-makeup” makeup look may do wonders for everyday wear, but for special occasions like these, it is preferable to choose bolder colours for lively pictures. It is your big day, so stand out and look your best with vibrant colours.

If you are going heavy with your outfit, go light with your makeup:

Your big day is all about you, so let no one limit your creativity or with what you want to do. Your face is your paint board, so go with your gut feeling, a subtle makeup look will only take away from your gorgeous bridal look.

Over lining your lips is old-school:

Ladies, if you think that your lips don’t look fuller, then over-line your lips to get that final look. Fill them in with the same colour lip-liner first, then apply the lipstick on top. Press a tissue on the freshly applied lipstick and apply the second coat to seal the deal. Your lipstick won’t smudge as you’ll have the perfect pout that you have always wanted for your big day!

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