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With the constant development of technology, everything is becoming modern. From our living styles to our ways of celebration. And one of the most important celebratory occasions of our lives is the wedding. Gone are the photos of the groom and bride sitting coyly. Or aunties and uncles having food after the rituals. Weddings today have had a complete makeover. Today the first thing on your mind is pre-wedding and wedding photography.

Well, there’s no wrong in it, after all, we are living in the age of social media. When selfies, cute photos of puppies and coffee cups get to fill up the feed on Facebook and Instagram and receive love and attention too. Then why should your wedding be any less? After all it’s once in a lifetime experience and so should get way more attention than the former ones.

Why Finding the Best Wedding Photographers is Important?

But not having a proper photographer won’t give you those Instagram or Facebook worthy photographs. No, not anyone with a high-end DSLR does not count as a good photographer. To be honest, it’s harder to find the perfect wedding photographer than it seems to be. Not only their portfolio has to be great, but it must also match your style. On top of that, they need to be the perfect balance of professional and friendly. Zero Gravity Photography strives to give you the best experience be it your pre-wedding or wedding ceremony.

Founders of Zero Gravity Photography

Founded by Vikas Alagarsamy (CO-FOUNDER AND LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER) and Ajay Benjamin (CO-FOUNDER, LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER, AND CINEMATOGRAPHER). Zero Gravity Photography started its journey back in the year of 2012. And has been in business for about 8 long years now. Before we go into the details of the company and what they do, let us know the masterminds behind it a bit.

Vikash Alagarsamy

One of the minds behind Zero Gravity Photography. His bond with the camera started as a casual affair that grew into a deep relationship. Both geeky and creative at the same time, he spends most of his time planning out of the box concepts for shoots and the ways to execute them. He started the ZG Studio to redefine the culture of “Wedding Photography” in India and take it to the next level.

You can contact Vikash Alagarsamy at

Ajay Benjamin

The other half behind this project, Ajay too found his love for photography coincidently or photography found him. While waiting to go abroad to pursue Masters, Ajay becomes interested in photography. Thus, he started taking up freelance gigs. And this, in turn, made him realize how much he loved doing so. So, throwing away the idea of doing Masters, he joined Vikash at Zero Gravity Photography. Thus, he too started creating stories of people for people through his lens. He regards each wedding to be a different story and himself to be a storyteller. So every project is like creating a masterpiece for him.

You can contact Ajay Benjamin at

Why should you book Zero Gravity Photography?

With so many photographers available in the market and each of them having their style and benefits. You must be thinking about why they should go to ZG Studio. Let’s look at some of their specialties:

  • Both Vikash and Ajay share a mutual love for weddings.  For them, it’s not just an occasion they are getting paid to cover through their lens. But they deliberately try to be a part of the families and do their work with the same kind of love and excitement any other family member would have had for the special day.
  • They have the necessary experience to know when to shoot the wedding like a fly on the wall. And again, when to take the reign of control in their hands. Their forte is candid photography. One visit to their website will show you the range of fleeting emotions they have captured through their lens over the years. And that too without making their presence hinders the ambience of the special moments for others.
  • Not only that, but they will also put their best foot forward to bring out the unique couple portraits. More commonly known as the couple portrait photography.
  • Their cinematographers too are the best in their fields. They know how to bring out the best possible footages of your special days without any disturbance. After all, nobody wants to see a camera in front of them; when you have a beautiful partner, you can’t stop glancing at them.
  • These people are mad, no I’m not joking, they are for weddings. Weddings are the places they can be true to themselves and their art. So, you can imagine the level of creativity and effort they give to turn each of their weddings into memories to cherish forever.
  • The team at Zero Gravity Photography is the Best Candid Wedding Photography Studio internationally.  They always prefer to take the less-travelled way and bring out of the box ideas to the table.
  • They love to travel. Besides crashing weddings (in a good way) they keep dreaming about new places to explore. From Coimbatore, Erode, Madurai, Tirupur, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Colombo, Maldives, and Malaysia, Singapore, Chicago, Santorini, the list goes on. They still are on the look to find newer places to give your photos that extra touch.

What’s So Special about Zero Gravity Photography?

What makes them special is their skill of adapting to the situation. Every Wedding is different, be it in scale or emotion. Nevertheless, this team makes sure to give their best effort to every client. No doubt, why they are touted as the Best Wedding Company in Chennai. In Chennai, if anyone is looking for a wedding photography team to cover their special events. They shouldn’t fret over which team to book. Rather can instantly get in touch with Zero Gravity and be free of any worry regarding the quality of photographs of their special moments.

Who is Zero Gravity Photography?

Under the guidance of Vikash and Ajay, the current team consists of 180+ members. They have covered around 6000+ weddings and travelled to 8 places. Also, they are always on the lookout for more.

What services can you get by booking them for your wedding?

The list is a long one, but some of them are:

  • Wedding films: After all, why shouldn’t you have the experience of being in a film like the dreamy wedding films of superstars. The ones you watch over and over and crush upon before your wedding.
  • Wedding photography: Weddings are a bunch of delicate rituals and no one wants to miss them. With the ZG Studio, all you need to do is immerse in the enjoyment. While they take care of keeping all the memorable rituals in their cameras.
  • Candid photography: If you want to experience a wide range of emotions a person can go through, you need to be at a wedding. From laughter to tears, hidden winks to open flying kisses, the list goes on. And these candid moments are captured by the team in the best possible way.
  • Bridal Portraits: You know you’ve stalked profiles and pages on social media seeing brides share dreamy portraits. Why not board the train and have your Bridal Portraits?
  • Outdoor couple photography: Amidst the various rituals, it becomes difficult to get the couple portrait sessions done. The team will make sure you don’t miss on them through outdoor sessions on pre-weddings or the wedding day.

Photo Gallery

Some of the sample works of Zero Gravity Photography:

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How to book your wedding with South India’s best wedding photographers?

You can call +91-9840767566 or email at and have a meeting over coffee to design your D-Day like the fairy tale you deserve.

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