Everything You Need to Know About South Indian Bridal Makeup

A bride adorned in the classic South Indian makeup consisting of a flowing silk saree, elaborate ornaments, and the ever-refreshing jasmine garland is the epitome of grace and beauty. And while the traditional South Indian bridal makeup style is definitely an all-time hit, the modern South Indian bride likes to be a little more experimental in her looks to set her apart from everyone else. A fusion of traditional and contemporary is all the rage in 2020. To be honest, where’s the fun if you don’t break away from the usual a little?

Whatever your preferences are, be it traditional or contemporary or both, here is a compilation of all the South Indian Dulhan makeup looks that you need to watch out for in 2020!

To get the complete bridal makeup look perfect to a T, you have to focus on all the parts like makeup, hairstyle, and the choice of draping with equal attention.

With a conventional mindset, the brides choose a South Indian makeup look in a way that accentuates the bride’s facial features and makes her face stand out amidst the bright sarees and hair accessories.

The makeup look, which has received great care, stands out with grace, in contrast to the skin tone of the bride, and brings out her saree and ornaments in a way that truly makes her look like a queen. For this reason, the makeup look should rely on the bridal saree, choice of ornaments and accessories, and even the prints and the design of the attire.

Top South Indian Makeup Looks:

The top South Indian makeup looks for the would-be brides in this year are:

The Au-natural Belle: 

In this powerful makeup style, choose the no-makeup look to let your natural beauty shine through. Soft, natural, and gorgeous, this makeup style is perfect if you want to show off your flawless and radiant skin without hiding it under bold colours.

Complete this look with a soft pastel-toned Kanjeevaram saree and light jewellery to bring out the princess in you with perfection. Aside from weddings, this look will also be an exemplary engagement makeup South Indian bride would prefer.

 Glow in Gold: 

If glamour is your thing, go for this look that completes itself in the rich tone of gold throughout.

Look like an absolute diva in a bright gold saree accentuated with heavy and decorative gold ornaments and dazzle everyone with your bright presence in this look.

For makeup, highlight any one facial feature and downplay the rest to make the most of this look. A golden shimmer eye-shadow with coral toned lips is bound to offset your glow like no other. With this style, we can assure you no one is going to forget your bridal look anytime soon.

Rock the Royal Look:

Your wedding is, after all, the most important day of your life, and if looking like a queen on your special day is what you have on your mind, rock the royal look in a heavily embellished and bright, jewel-toned Kanjeevaram and Temple jewellery to accentuate it.

Choose vibrant colours like red, blue, green, gold, or pink as the colour of your drape and perfect the look with a choker and Maharani haars to give the style an antiquated finish.

The ideal hairstyle for this royal look is a traditional flowered bun or a long braid accessorized with jewels and blossoms both.

You can choose bold colours like red or orange for your lips to stand out in this look, and don’t forget to embolden your eyes with kohl to complete the look.

Resplendent in Red:

Nothing brings out the beauty of a bride like the colour red does, and this rich, vibrant style isn’t something that you can go wrong with, ever, as it enhances every bride’s appearance. Look like a timeless beauty in this classic look that follows the traditional South Indian bridal makeup and hairstyle as its USP.

Make a rich, red colour the colour of choice for your draping and accessorize it with gold ornaments and flowers. If you prefer the simple look, light ornaments with an accentuated makeup to highlight your face works like a charm to bring out your beauty without being too heavy-handed.

For makeup, apply dark kohl and winged liner to your eyes to bring them out as bold and beautiful.

Red is the recurrent theme of this style, so choose red as the colour of your blush and lipstick to match your saree.

A long braid adorned with thin jasmine garlands is your ideal choice for completing the look and makes you look like the charming and blushing bride everyone gets awestruck with…

The Contemporary Look:

This style is perfect for you if you are a little experimental in your fashion sense and would like to go beyond the scopes of traditional to create something fresh and unique for you.

With this look, you can get the best of both worlds by fusing the new with the old and be a breath of fresh air among all your peers.

The contemporary look comes into effect by tweaking anything out of their original placement into something new. Drape the saree in a new style or choose a different style of jewellery altogether to give your look the required twist.

You can mix and match styles from different parts of India to complete fresh attire. For example, a sheer dupatta in contrasting colours will offset your saree and give you the desired fresh look.

Uncommon jewellery choices like wearing a Kundan set which is traditionally a North Indian style or diamond ornaments instead of gold are variations from the usual routine that will make you stand out in the crowd every time.

 Timeless and Traditional:

Last but not the least, this look has been in place for millennia for the south Indian brides and has carried the legacy of traditions with pride and grace over the years without losing its glory.

White with a border of gold is the colour of choice for the saree that the bride adorns. The south Indian bride look in white sarees is complete with gold ornaments and a wreath of fresh jasmine flowers.

Look effortlessly graceful in this attire by keeping your makeup light. Rim your eyes with kohl and apply red or pink to your lips to act as a contrast to the light-coloured saree.

Look like an epitome of grace with this look without much effort and your beauty will be the talk of the town for years to come.

Makeup tips for the South Indian Bride:

Here is a list of all the South Indian makeup tips that you simply cannot forget-

  1. Let your eyes shine through. Bold, dramatic eye makeup does wonders for the face and makes your features stand out that much. Use volumizing mascara and false eyelashes with light eye-shadow to achieve a bold but natural look for your eyes. Complete with a dramatic swipe of kohl and winged eyeliners.
  2. Make sure your lipstick is in contrast to your outfit to avoid a clash. If your saree is a bright-coloured one, a natural shade like pink or mauve is enough to do the trick. However, a bright red lipstick is the best if you have chosen a white or off-white coloured saree for the wedding.

Tips for Choosing Lipstick Shades

Here is an easy-to-remember code you must use while selecting the shade of your lipstick:

  1. For bright saree shades, use muted pastel colours like pink, peach, and mauve
  2. For muted saree shades- use red or rich brown
  3. Little glossy and creamy products work the best if you are going for a natural, dewy look
  4. Use the correct shade of foundation and concealer for your skin tone to create a non-glossy, muted base. For warm skin tone, an orange-tinted colour corrector for hiding blemishes does wonders for the look
  5. As blushers, orange, and coral toned blushes work the best to infuse a natural warmth to your face. Use a bronzer to give your skin a golden glow.
  6. Use accessories like the Mathapatti and Bindis or tilaks that are both traditional and also helps to bring out your features the best.
  7. Embellished tassels in blouses are fast emerging as a trend for south Indian brides in 2020 and look stunning when matched with the correct saree and makeup.
  8. Floral Jadas are an integral part of the traditional south Indian bridal makeup and can be of two varieties. The Poola Jada, which is a floral garland draped with an artistic touch over the bride’s bun or braid. The Naga Jadai is a bejewelled gold accessory meant to run south along the entire length of the bride’s hair plate.

Don’t forget these accessories to complete the regal look for your wedding. These styles in 2020 are fast emerging to be the most popular ones and following any one of those or even mixing and matching will give you the resplendent, unforgettable look. You will want to look special on your d-day. So, go for this guide to help you choose and look better.

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