8 Cool Post-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

You are here either because you are looking for post-wedding photoshoot ideas or you just want to know in general what people mean by post-wedding shoot. Regardless, take a seat as we discover all about Post Wedding Photoshoots and why they are so important.

What is a Post-wedding shoot?

as self-evident, it’s a session where the couple come together for a photoshoot sometime after the wedding or after the wedding day.


Why do we do Post-wedding shoot? 

On the wedding day, you may not get time to set yourselves away from all your family who will be vying for your attention. You’ll be on a strict timeline, you may not even get time to relax and be photogenic for your photographers during the time of the wedding shoot, that’s when the post-wedding photography concept comes in handy.

If you’re about to get married, you must book a photographer in advance for your post-wedding photoshoot, that way you can be assured and be at ease, not rushed and can get more involved in getting the desired poses just right and perfect, which on the wedding day might not be possible.


Weddings are beautiful and should be captured skilfully and in gentleness to preserve those emotion-filled moments. A few of the benefits of the post-wedding shoot are that you can choose the place, better weather and time according to your preference. You can select a theme, get ready with your desired looks, multiple hairstyles, and outfit.

Both wedding photography and videography are important aspects of a wedding day, as they capture the emotions, details, and memories of the big day but photography is supposed to produce excellent portraits that give good exposure of that day and portray it better.


Those kinda pictures that when your family members or friends see it, will say “awww”. It is, after all, a memory you would want to look back and have no regrets about. So you better not regret that you couldn’t get yourself to pose for some good pictures. Take a look at a few classic post-wedding photoshoot ideas.

Just married:

Just married is the first and the most classic photo you need to take post your wedding. For a special day like this, it is a must that you create an album too. So if you’re creating an album for your wedding day like a fairytale book, Just married is the base and can be the starting photo of the album or a cover photo for your album. Just imagine yourself, with your grey hair, looking back on this album and the feeling you would get. Your children, grandchildren, relatives and friends, everyone gets to see these photos and you need to get the start of your album right and just perfect for it is what catches the eye first.

The Wedding Rings

It’s yet another typical idea for the wedding shoot but it is a must to get your wedding rings photographed in a black and white studio. whether it’s Mangalsutra or vermillion, you can still get artistic pictures of the couple holding hands together, focusing more on the hands, rings or any other bands. Getting the gold, diamond, or silver looking prominent in the picture, symbolizing the togetherness, commitment and forever.

Lift her Up:

This may sound old school, but this is one of those pictures where it portrays the couple’s youthful enthusiasm and affection. Groom carrying the bride into their new home or bedroom or just carrying her talks more about how a husband is like a pillar for his wife. Just to make it even sweeter, if the bride is stronger, get her to hold the groom up. As funny as it is, it is cute and sweet.

Mess up:

Wedding cake fight

Image Credit: Steve Holmes Photography

The first few days as a married couple will always have some rough patches. It doesn’t matter if you both know how to cook and clean, or if you have been living in for some time now. Mistakes will be made and silly follies will lead to some mess around the house. Instead of getting annoyed, take a picture of the mess and put it up on your Instagram with a caption along the lines of “Adulting as a Couple”.

Young Romance

Wedding pictures without romance, does that even exist? In Post-wedding photos, there has to be an exclusive couple shots that include Intimate and romantic couple poses that illustrate the young romance. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, at home, or a park or any photoshoot locations, the giggling close-ups and the “We are so in Love” faces should be and will be the best of the pictures among all the other pictures in the album.


Image Credit: D Park Photography

I know the focus right now is all on the couple but there’s a sad slimmer to your parent’s eyes, especially parents of the bride. Though it’s a happy occasion for them too, they slowly start to realize their little girl is all grown up and is leaving them to live an all-new life that definitely includes them but maybe not in a level it used to before. In case the groom is also moving out after marriage the same scenario applies to the groom’s parents also. For the sake of this emotional memory let the couple individually take a picture with their respective parents and parents in law and at least with altogether in one picture.


It can be right before honeymooning or after the honeymoon. Whether you’re planning a separate honeymoon album or not you have to include these pictures in the post-wedding photos. make sure that you capture every moment that sparkles with joy, fun, laughs, and love. Get creative and get all sorts of poses and ideas. When you sit at the table sharing a cup of coffee in your fifties with your husband you both should be able to look back and connect to each other in the same level of passion and enthusiasm as you did in the time for taking those pictures, it’s like a reminder to rekindle the fire.


Not just any smile but the coy smile, this smile is a give away the newness of the marriage between the bride and the groom. Whether it is an arranged marriage and or a Love marriage or maybe you have only known each other for a few months, being the newlywed there will be times that few shy moments will come out and you need to capture them to keep the memory of the freshness of the relationship.

Best Friend

Image Credit: Country Roads Photography

If your best friend, childhood friend or a closest friend, a cousin or your siblings are unmarried and still not jealous of you getting married before they did, they deserve a picture. It is important to remember that no matter how close you are with them after marriage things don’t stay the same no matter how much you want to believe they won’t, so it’s the best time to honor the bond you have with them by dedicating a picture to them. And don’t forget your gang, if you have a group of close friends take a picture with them too. Don’t forget this ‘forever’ friends just because you got a new ‘forever’. Respect the bond by dedicating a picture to them too, for these are the kinda bonds that have been before marriage and will be after too.

And there are so many other creative and meaningful ideas to choose from to capture the starting stages of your new life. With all of this choosing the best photographer, makeup artist, place, dress, etc are very crucial. Sit down together, with the photographers, others and decide what you want your album to look like, what feel you want to get, how you can do it and make relevant choices and get the picture-perfect pictures for your post-wedding album.

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