Be In The Spotlight With These Indian Wedding Dresses For Men

Nothing is more difficult than deciding what to wear for occasions. Everyone gets confused while selecting what to and what not to wear at an event. And if the event is a wedding, especially a wedding in India, the task to find the perfect dress for each event is no less than a battle.

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Indian weddings are a kind of their own. The sheer grandeur and the range of emotions in an Indian wedding are of a different level. Weddings in India are a show of bright, rich colours. They consist of eye-catching decorations and costumes in vibrant colors. With a range of events that go on for 4 to 6 days usually, it is very difficult to differentiate between a festival and a wedding. So, people usually call weddings in India, mini-festivals because of their lavishness and scale.

Every element of weddings is grand and elegant. Even the brides of the weddings dress in lehengas or sarees of vibrant colours, adorned with shiny jewellery.  From their looks to their bridal trousseau, every element is sure to attract one’s attention. After all, weddings are a once in a lifetime experience. We live in the age of social media. Weddings are the best chances to get some beautiful photographs. Photographs with the beautiful ambiance and elegant wear. No one wants to miss this chance of being in the spotlight because of the wrong clothing choices.

But somehow, amongst the eye-catching brides and the ogle worthy decors, we often miss out on the groom. Yes, the groom doesn’t get the attention he deserves. It is because of the misconception that the groom wear is very limited in range, unlike its counterpart. People believe there isn’t much fashion related to the groom wear or menswear in general, which couldn’t have more wrong in the current times.

Best Wedding Sherwani for Grooms

We’ll begin the discussion with the sherwani. Although every one of us has a pair of sherwani somewhere in our closets, that we would take out once in a blue moon. Yet the majority of us are still unknown with the varieties of sherwani. To make it easier for you, we’ll discuss the eight major types of sherwanis for grooms in this article and they are as follows-

Angarakha Sherwani:

People of Rajasthan and Gujarat usually wear this first variety. They regard it to be their traditional outfit. In an Angarakha sherwani, the fabric is usually tied from one side to another. The knot and the main design lie in the chest part of the area.

Achkan Sherwani:

Though it isn’t a sherwani in the traditional sense, nowadays more and more regard it as a type due to its increasing popularity. Achkan Sherwani is a tight fit outfit with a shorter length and resembles the kurta.

Pakistani Sherwani:

With a shorter length than the traditional ones, this is more like a coat having a round standing collar.

Printed Sherwani:

One of the most trending varieties, the Printed sherwani has a variety of designs and motifs printed on it.

Anarkali Sherwani:

Anarkali Sherwani is the name that comes to mind if you want to don the royal look. It has the skirt like-flared on the bottom part, which resembles those ancient paintings hung on the walls of the museums. A Heavy Safa will just complete the look.

Chipkan Sherwani:

Chipkan traces its roots back to the Mughal dynasty. This is one such variety of sherwani which has a waist belt and heavy embroidery on the shoulder and the chest portions.

Jacket Sherwani:

As the name suggests, this variety of sherwani, worn with a kurta comprises a jacket with heavy works of design. To complement the look, the accompanying kurta is quite simple in its style and look.

Jodhpuri Sherwani:

Looking for something heavy and flowing? Jodhpuri Sherwanis will definitely fulfill this desire. It is known for its frock-like appearance from below the waist area.

Wedding Suits for Groom

Now that we have finished discussing the various types of sherwani you can wear for an Indian wedding, let us talk about the various western suits, which are equally appealing.

Though like sherwanis, suits too have a wide range, we will discuss only the trendiest ones in this article. The types of suits for the grooms to look handsome and regal are as follows:

One button suit:

Usually worn on informal events. This suit is the best choice for events like Bachelorette or Cocktail parties.

Two-button suit:

This variety of suit is more formal and is usually preferred for an event like the Reception or Wedding. In this type of suit, the wearer fastens the top button while the lower one remains open.

Three-button suit:

This is similar in design to the above-mentioned types. The only differentiating characteristic is that the wearer fastens the middle button while the top and the bottom ones remain open.

Informal suit:

It is famous for its high cuts. Men wear this suit on informal occasions. The informal suit has a simple design and is generally worn for official parties and gatherings.

Tuxedo suit:

The only formal choice in the list, a Tuxedo suit is more popular for the accessories that go with it. Worn over a simple white shirt, the Tuxedo suit has a black tie with it. One can also go for other accessories like cummerbund and cufflinks with a Tuxedo to complete the look.

Check suit:

One usually wears this kind of suit during the daytime, on informal events. It comes with a variety of chequered patterns on it.

Double-breasted suit:

The double-breasted suit comes with a piece of overlapping fabric on the front side. This type of suit usually has two sets of buttons out of which, the wearer fastens one layer while the other one is for show.

Dinner suit:

The most eye-catching variety of suits is the dinner suit. It comes with a decorative lapel and is for settings. Usually made from a variety of fabric, it is one of the best types of Indian groom dresses. This makes the grooms look vibrant and regal in embellished attires.

So, these are some of the best Indian wedding dresses for men for any groom or groomsmen to carry for the next wedding event. Now, one doesn’t have to wear the same cloth to every event and can plan their dresses for each of the events without any discomfort.

With this long list of traditional and Western wears for men, you are sure not to have any confusion about what to wear to a wedding, the next time. After all, repeating the same clothes for every event when you’re the man-of-the-hour or someone close to him is a strict no. Special moments like these deserve special costumes as there shouldn’t be any compromise on that.

Bonus Tips for Grooms and Groomsmen to Make the Best of the Events:

Whatever dress you choose to wear to Indian weddings, the best accessory to make you look good and stand out from the crowd is your confidence.

Whether it is a traditional sherwani or a western suit, the rule remains the same. As long as you carry it with a smile and confidence, you are sure to turn some eyes and be the star of the show. After all, even the best of clothes won’t look good if the person wearing them doesn’t feel good himself. So always remember to give a feel-good smile and enjoy the limelight.

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